The Grey Panthers
3 March 2019 - Sutton Bank & Sneck Yate

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6.7 miles

Explorer Map OL26, - North York Moors (Western Area)

You don't need a map to enjoy this walk.
The outward leg between the Sutton Bank Visitor Centre and Sneck Yate follows a straight road, with wonderful views to the right of Newgate Bank, Eastersides, Hawnby Hill and Bilsdale Moor.
From Sneck Yate the Cleveland Way footpath is followed back to the Viisitor Centre.
Sections of the way bewteen Sneck Yate and the Visitor Centre are divided into cycle tracks and parallel footpaths. If you use a cycle track care is needed as cyclists have the right of way and can travel fast.
It is, of course, also possible to do the walk in reverse order (e.g. returning from Sneck Yate).

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Start from Sutton Bank Visitor Centre (SE516 830).
Take the road North Eastwards towards Cold Kirby. A footpath has been created to the left of this road, and this should be taken.
At Dialstone Fram, now follow the road almost due North all the way to the cross-roads at Sneck Yate (SE50970 87695).
Here turn left and follow the road downhill for a couple of hundred yards. On your left is a stie and gate that opens onto the track that reurns you to the Visitor Centre.


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