The Grey Panthers
22 March 2017, - Kildale & Great Ayton

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8.9 miles

Outdoor Leisure Map OLS26, - North York Moors (West Area)

On paper (e.g. looking at the OS Map) this should have been a relatively undemanding walk, taking in the well-known local landmark of Captain Cook's Monument and the nearby village of GReat Ayton.
In the event the walk proved to be less than pleasant, principally due to the actions of BMX cyclists and motor bike scramblers creating havoc with the footpath between Little Ayton and Easby Moor.
There is a moderate ascent from Kildale up to Easby Moor (though on paved road).
From Captain Cook's Monument there is a VERY steep descent down through Ayton Banks Wood. The path is uneven, but as long as watch your step and take your time you should be OK.
The biggest problem on this walk is on the return leg, where a bridleway from Brookside Farm takes you to the footpath through woodland back to Easby Moor. The ground in this woodland has been totally churned up and cut by BMX cycle riders and motor bike scramblers. Not only is the footpath made extremely difficult, but numerous cycle tracks make it quite easy to loose direction and take a track in the wrong direction.
In parts the path is quite steep and slippery on this section of the walk.

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Park at Kildale Railway Station (NZ60479 09543).
Walk back along the lane to Kildale village, and at the village turn sharp left to take the farm road to Bankside Farm. This is part of the Cleveland Way footpath.
Continue past the farm, and at the top of the bank a finger post directs you along a track in a Westerly direction. Continue in this Westerly direction to reach Captain Cook's Monument.
Past the monument, take the track to Ayton Banks Wood.
Descend through the woods (see comments above) to meet a track that that heads in a North Westerly direction to Dikes Lane.
Cross over the road to take the farm road that leads to Aireyholme Farm.
At the top of the bank, before the road turns sharp left, there is a footpath on your left (NZ578 112).
This footpath takes you to Cliff Ridge Wood. Continue along the footpath until you come to the footpath on your left at NZ574 114 that takes you directly to Great Ayton.
In Great Ayton, turn left at Newton Road and continue to Great Ayton's High Street and the village Green.
Return along the High Street and continue in a South Easterly direction along the lane to Little Ayton.
When you reach Little Ayton, turn sharp left at the road bridge and take the road to Brookside Farm.
Just past the farm buildings there is a bridleway, indicated by a finger post, that heads in a South Easterly direction.
Just past a field boundary, a finger post directs you to the railway line.
Cross the railway line, and very shortly after turn right through a field gate into woodland.
The footpath through this woodland SHOULD lead you in a South Easterly direction to Easby Moor.
However, activity by BMX cyclists and motor bike scramblers has turned the footpath into something that is REALLY difficult to use and to follow. As well as struggling through mud and on slippery ground, you need to check the direction you are walking in extremely carefully. Waymarks and finger posts mark the footpath, but they are easy to miss.
Once back on Easby Moor, simply follow the track Eastwards until you once again meet the Cleveland Way footpath just South of Bankside Farm.
Return to Kildale Station on the route you took initially.

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