The Grey Panthers
11 November 2019, - Skinningrove & Loftus

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7.0 miles

Outdoor Leisure Map OLS26, - North York Moors (WEstern Area)

There are two highlights with this walk, - firstly, the easy woodlland walking in Rosecroft Wood and Loftus Wood, followed by the beach walk at Skinningrove.
The walking is very straightforward and there are no special difficulties. Navigation is very straightforward.
There are three stiles to cross.

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Start from the car park by the Mining Museum (NZ712 193). If, for any reason, it isn't possible to park here, there is an alternative car park down by the sea front(NZ713 201).
From the car park by the Mining Museum, take the steps that lead to the Museum entrance initially. However, these steps then continue up to a surfaced footpath. Turn right on the footpath and continue uphill to Loftus.
In Loftus, turn left along the main street and continue until you come to a cross-roads with traffic lights.
Cross over the road at this point, and continue down Station Road for a short distance.
Turn left and now walk down Rosecroft Lane. Continue up the lane until you cross over a railway bridge.
Just past this bridge is a stile on your right that leads to a footpath through Rosecroft Wood.
Head Southwards along the footpath (initially not all that well defined) until you leave Rosecroft Wood at Rosecroft Lane.
Here turn left and after about 1/2 mile you come to a field gate and stile on your right. Cross over the stile and follow the footpath to enter Loftus Wood at another stile.
Follow the footpath Northwards through Loftus Wood. This footpath eventually emerges at Loftus Mill.
Turn left and return to Rosecroft Lane and Station Road.
At the cross-roads, turn right and head up Loftus High Street.
Just past the parish church (on your right) is North Road. This eventually leads to Hummersea Lane.
Continue up Hummersea Lane until you come to the road on your left which takes you down to Skinningrove.
In Skinningrove, head along towards the Pier and Cattersty Sands.
To return to the car park by the mining Museum, there is a footpath on the east side of the Kilton Beck which returns you to your starting point.

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