The Grey Panthers
7 June 2023, - Square Corner& the Cod Beck Reservoir

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6 .0 miles

Outdoor Leisure Map OL26, - North York Moors (Western Area)

A straightforward walk between Square Corner (a parking area to the South West of Osmotherley) and the Cod beck Reservoir.
The walk follows lanes, and is easy walking apart from involving some significant gradients.
From Square Corner to Oak Dale the footpath drops almost 400ft. Although this descent / ascent is aided by stone steps, in wet weather / icy conditions these steps can be slippery.

Start from Square Corner(SE479 959). Take the track North Westwards towards Oak Dale.
This involves a moderately steep descent which is aided by stone steps.
In Oak Dale continue along the track past the Upper Reservoir and continue until you come to the minor road.
Here turn left and after a few yards turn right in Green Lane.
Follow Green Lane for the next mile or so until you come to the plantation above the Cod Beck Reservoir.
Continue on the Forestry track (remains of an old farm track) until you come to a junction with a main Forestry track.
Here turn left and descent to the reservoir.
Cross the reservoir dam and walk up the West side of the reservoir on a well maintained track.
At the top of this track, by the Sheep Wash car park, turn right and cross a footbridge.
Now take the track down the East side of the reservoir.
When you come to the dam, return to Square Corner by the way you came out.

A map of the route followed has been plotted on the Ordinance Survey mapping website, By selecting the ink below you will be taken to this map, - complete with distances and heights marked on the route.

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