The Grey Panthers
24 May 2023, - Marske & Saltburn

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6 .0 miles

Explorer Map OL26, - North York Moors (West Area)

Start from the car park along the Coast Road in Marske.(NZ631 231).
Take the footpath towards Marske and the Coast Road. The footpath follows a cut between some houses to emerge at Cliff Terrace,
From Cliff Terrace, walk down to the beach and then walk along the beach to Saltburn.
Join the Promenade in Saltburn near the beach huts.
Follow the promenade to the pier, and beyond to the Seaview Restaurant.
Just past the restaurant, steps take you up to Marine Parade, near the Cliff Lift.
Walk along Marine Parade to the end and take the steps down to the beach.
Instead of walking down to the beach, cross over a road then take the straps up the cliff to the England Coast Path.
This footpath takes you back to Marske along the cliff top,

Depending on the state of the tide, this walk may be done by following the England Coast Path first, then returning along the beach.

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