The Grey Panthers
1 September 2021, Sandsend, Raithwaite & Mulgrave Castle

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7.3 miles

Explorer Map OL27 - North York Moors (Eastern Area)

A walk taking in the woodland of the Mulgrave Estate above Sandsend, with the focal point of this section of the walk being the ruins of Mulgrave Castle.
HOWEVER, - Mulgrave Woods are privately owned, and are only open on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.
Additionally, Mulgrave Woods are CLOSED for the whole of May.
Therefore, make sure that you only do this walk on one of the OPEN days.
The start of this walk is Eastwards along the beach in Sandsend. If the tide is high this section of the walk can be shortened by cutting up to the road at a point just past the sea defence wall.
The walk continues to Raithwaite, walking round the grounds of the hotel, before returning to Sandsend.
From there the route takes you to Mulgrave Castle.

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Start from the car park at the bottom of Lythe Bank in Sandsend (NZ 860 129). Charges apply.
Head Eastwards along the beach towards Whitby (the first part of this involves a walk along the pavement beside the road).
Head for a point just beyond the golf course (NZ881 119) and take the track up to the main Sandsend Road (A174). Walk Westwards along the road for a short distance.
Take the minor road (Cliff Lane) towards Newholm. (CARE : TRAFFIC).
Opposite the entrance to the caravan park, take the footpath to Raithwaite Hall.
From Raithwaite Hall take the signposted footpath to Raven Hill Farm, then the minor road back to Sandsend CARE : TRAFFIC).
Head back into Sandsend and cross the Sandsend Beck on the road bridge,
Now taken the track on your left towards Mulgrave Castle.
From the Castle initially head Eastwards along the track but then take the track North eastwards towards the edge of the woodland.
Now head Eastwards towards the track leading to (the new) Mulgrave Castle.
Just before the woodland exit, some steps lead down to a footpath that take you eastwards back to Sandsend,

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