The Grey Panthers
22 January 2020, - Old Byland, Scawton & Cold Kirby

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7.2 miles

Explorer Map OL26, - North York Moors (Western Area)

Possibly best to enjoy this walk when the weather is dry,
Following wet weather, some of the footpaths are especially muddy. In particular, the descent into, and ascent out of, Flassendale becomes considerably more tricky if the ground is slippery underfoot.
The villages of Old Byland, Scawton and Cold Kirby are worth visiting in their own right.
There is a modest amount of ascending on this walk (a total of 1000 ft), but the descent / ascent of Flassendale is the most noticeable part of this.

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Park in Old byland (SE549 859). However, have consideration for the residents and find a spot where you are neither blocking them in or parking on the Green.
Follow the road from Old Byland to Ashberry Farm, though Ashberry Wood.
You may prefer to take the footpath through Low Gill, which runs just to the South of this road.
From Ashberry Farm follow the Cleveland Way footpath to Nettle Dale.
Just past the ponds in Nettle Dale there is a gated footpath on your left which brings you to Scawton.
Opposite the parish church in Scawton, take the field footpath (well indicated by footpath signs) to Flassendale.
Descend into Flassendale via the Forestry track.
Once in Flassendale, turn slightly left to find a footpath out of Flassendale. This is indicated by a finger post.
The footpath up and out of Flassendale is steep and can be tricky. Care is needed.
From the top of Flassendale take the footpath to Cold Kirby.
Past the parish church, head North and take the footpath that passes between housing.
When this footpath meets the road, turn right to return to Old Byland.

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