The Grey Panthers
17 August 2016, - Hesleden & Seaham

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11.4 miles

Explorer Map 308, - Durham & Sunderland

This is a linear walk, suitable for anybody.
The starting point is from the village of Hesleden. After walking through Castle Eden Den,e the Durham Coast Path is followed back to Seaham Harbour. The route would be equally enjoyable in reverse.
There are no navigational problems.
Although the route is mostly level, there are two denes which involve descending or climbing a significnat number of steps. THese proved tricky for anyone with dodgy knees.
Choose a fine day with high visibility and you will be richly rewarded. From Horden Beach it is possible to see all the way North to Sunderland and beyond, and all the way South to Hartlepool and Boulby Head.

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Start from a convenient spot on Hesleden, - beside the cemetery the is a road where parking wouldn't cause a problem with local residents (NZ44136 38231).
Just past the church, the road bends sharp left. Follow the road to the junction with the Hesleden Road (that connects Casrle Eden with Blackhall). Cross Hesleden Road and take the field footpath that runs due North for two fields.
At the junction with the farm track, turn left then after a short distance take the waymarked footpath that runs almost due North to castle Eden Dene.
When you enter Castle Eden Dene take the track that leads you down into the Dene itself.
Follow the clear track Eastwards towards the sea.
When you near the A1085, the "authorised" route takes you up a metalled track to cross the main road.
However, you may also cross the road by following a footpath which takes you through a culvert under the road.
After passing under the railway viaduct, you reach the beach.
Here the path doubles back towards Horden. Continue up the hill for about 200 yards, when the coastal footpath can be found on your right.
This track, the Durham Coast Path is now very clear and very obvious, being waymarked and signposted, leading you all the way Northwards to Seaham.

There are one or two Denes along the way, where the path goes down and then up again. At Blackhills Gill the descent and ascent has been helped by steps, but remains quite steep.

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