The Grey Panthers
11 November 2015, - Seaton Carew & Seaton Snooks

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6.5 miles (but walk length can be shortened or lengthened)

Explorer Map 306, - Middlesbrough & Hartlepool

This walk is ideal for a short walk which takes in sea views. The walk is very easy to follow and presents no navigational difficulties at all.
There is some walking over rough pasture. Cattle use this pasture, so that the ground could be rough in places. However, if this presents problems, the rough ground can be avoided by keeping to roads / tracks.
The basic walk is described in a leaflet issued by Hartlepool Borough Council,
- Walk No 8, Seaton Snooks Stroll.
However, as described here the walk was adapted and was slightly longer than described in the leaflet.

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Park in an appropriate spot in Seaton Carew. When the town is busy, - e.g. holiday time, there is plenty of space in off-street car parks. Off-season, it is possible to park on the main sea-front road.
Head Southwards along the main street past the Clock Tower.
Continue past the Golf Course club house. On your left is a clearly indicated track which heads past the Golf Course to the car park at the North Gare.
Here turn left and cross the Golf Course (caution).
Follow the track to the breakwater at the North Gare.
Return to the point where you crossed the Golf Course, where there is a clear and broad track that heads Southwards.
When this track meets a minor road by the chemical works, turn right.
Follow this road almost to the main A178 road.
Just before reaching the road there is a footpath which runs beside the road.
The footpath continues to meet the track that led from Seaton Carew to the North Gare car park.
Return to Seaton Carew.
To extend the walk, simply continue along the Esplanade towards Hartlepool then retrace your steps.

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