The Grey Panthers
8 October 2008, - Aysgarth & Askrigg

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10.9 miles.
Explorer Map OL30, - Yorkshire Dales (Northern & Central Areas)

Do this walk on a sunny day, with good visibility, and you will be rewarded with some stunning views.
On the outward leg the walk is up on the scar that runs between Carperby and Newbiggin, and you are rewarded with sweeping views of Wensleydale to the South. Addlebrough dominates this view.
The walk then descends into Askrigg, a perfect place to stop and have a picnic lunch.
The section of the walk from Askrigg back to Aysgarth essentially follows the River Ure. In wet weather this river is prone to flooding, and parts of the route can become a bit wet in consequence.
There are no major gradients or navigational problems. It IS possible to get lost, though returning to the proper footpath is usually fairly straightforward.

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Park in the public car park at Aysgarth Falls (SE011 887). A fee is requred for this car park.
At the West end of the car park is a signposted footpath that crosses the old railway track bed, and then heads North North West over fields for about 1/2 mile. A curiosity of this footpath is the presence of two stiles, all on their own (no fencing or wall on either side) in the middle of the field!
Continue along the marked footpath until you come to the minor road at SE008 893.
Head North along the road for a short distance, then take the footpath on your right Northwards to Carperby village.
In the village, take the small lane that leads to a group of houses in the West end of the village. Here a footpath is waymarked Northwards through a farmyard. The footpath continues up the hillside through fields to Ponderledge Scar. It helps to check the footpath against field boundaries on a 1 : 25,000 scale map.
Once up at the scar, follow the broad track Westwards to Oxclose Gate.
Continue along the broad grass track, Westwards, on the Oxclose Road.
Shortly after passing a ford and waterfall, at SD978 905, you need to change to the track that continues North West to Heugh.
Shortly after meeting the minor road above Heugh, a field footpath leads you down hill, South Westwards, to Newbiggin.
Continue South Westwards from the hamlet of Newbiggin, down hill, to Askrigg.
In Askrigg, find the lane (almost opposite the Church) that leads you to the flagged field footpath running South East to Worton Bridge.
FRom here, take the footpath to Nappa Mill, then Northwards towards Nappa Hall. Where the track crosses the disused railway line, take the waymarked footpath East along the railway track bed. For the first 200 yards or so, the footpath runs to the North of the old track bed, beforejoining it through a small gate.
Continue along the track bed until at SD968 902, the footpath splits.
Take the Southern footpath, that heads South East, - beside the River Ure for much of the way, to eventually meet a farm track at SD995 889.
Here turn left and after a few yards return to the railway track bed footpath heading Eastwards.
At SD999 890 follow the waymarks and footpath signposts to leave the track bed and cross the fields to Bear Park Farm.
Continue along waymarked footpaths to go round Bear Park Farm and down to the River Ure at the Upper Falls.
From there, return to the Aysgarth Falls car park.

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