The Grey Panthers
22 February 2006, - Lealholm & Great Fryup Dale

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8.5 miles.

Explorer Map OL27 - North York Moors, Eastern Area

In summertime, this would be a delightful walk, with views of Great Fryup Dale and Glaisdale.
In winter, however, it proved to be an exceptionally wet and muddy walk.
Farm footpaths are used, as well as a shooter's track across Glaisdale Moor. There is some road walking on minor roads.
Climbing up from Great Fryup Dale to Glaisdale Moor involves a fairly steep ascent, but otherwise there are no particular problems on the walk.
It is essential to have an Ordnanace Survey map, and to be able to use it (checking field patterns against the route) as you go along.

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Park by in the small public car park in Lealholm (NZ7635107625).
Head up the road towards the railway station, and turn off the road at NZ76375 07799 to follow the footpath across farm land initially North West. At NZ75892 08257 take the waymarked footpath in a South South Westerly direction to Houlsyke.
When you reach the road, follow the road for a short distance towards Houlsyke, before cutting across fields and the railway line by the footpath at NZ74030 07812.
Follow the road South East to Furnace Farm, then take the footpath that passes through Furnace Farm's yard to Finkel Bottoms and Beckside Farm.
At Beckside Farm, take the footpath South East to the road at Hollin Hall.
Follow the road in a Southerly direction until you come to the footpath at a gate in the wall at NZ73810 04944. This footpath ascends steeply to eventually lead you to the standing stone on Stony Rigg at NZ74307 04664.
Here take the shhoter's track East across Glaisdale Moor, heading for the disused qaurries at NZ76532 04972.
Follow the footpath in a Northerly direction to just outside Glaisdale, then return along the road to Lealholm.

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