The Grey Panthers
4 May 2005, - Byers Green & Bellburn Wood

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9.8 miles.

Explorer Map 305, - "Bishop Auckland"

The highlight of this walk is Bellburn Wood, which in early May is carpetted with Bluebells and wild Garlic.
Although we started the walk from Byers Green, there are at least two alternative start points, - the Jubilee Bridge park at Todhills (NZ208344), or a small car park at the Batts in Bishop Auckland (NZ210304).
The route is mostly straightforward to follow, though there is one turning where it is possible to make a mistake.
In wet weather, and following wet weather, the footpaths can be very muddy indeed.

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Start from opposite the Church in Byers Green (NZ2252933721).
Follow the road NW out of Byers Green and continue along it to Todhills.
At the road junction turn right to follow the road down Whinney Bank to the Jubilee Bridge. (CARE, - no footpath, and traffic ascending and descending the bank).
From the Jubilee Bridge, follow the Weardale Way that runs West on the North bank of the River Wear. Continue along the Weardale Way past Furness Mill Farm to the pub on Station Road beside the old railway track bed.
At this point, the Ordnance Survey shows the Weardale way continuing East along a track. TAKE CARE to follow the CORRECT TRACK. One track, just a few yards North of the proper track takes you to Private Property where you are clearly not welcome. The Weardale Way itself is shown by a footpath sign.
Continue along the Weardale Way to cross the River Wear in Bishop Auckland by the Newton Cap Bridge (NZ2049330302).
From the South bank of the River Wear, now head East along the grassy bank, to join the minor road just before Jock's Bridge. Continue along the minor road to meet the footpath on your right at NZ2132931061.
Continue along the footpath to a stile at NZ2110131727, then follow the footpath to Bellburn Wood (NZ2105332024).
After entering the wood, follow the footpath in an Easterly direction through the woodland to exit by the old railway line (NZ2255631656).
Follow the railway line North to the footpath back to Byers Green that can be found close to Old Park Terrace (NZ2298733345).

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