The Grey Panthers
15 September 2004, - Lealholm and Danby

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9.55 miles.
Outdoor Leisure Map No OL27 - North York Moors (East)

This walk takes in sections of the North Yorkshire Moors, and the walker should therefore be fully prepared in that respect. Although most of the walk is on well defined tracks and footpaths, there are a couple of sections where the footpath is NOT clear.
In clear weather, this walk is highly rewarding as regards views.

Memory Map
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Start from Lealholm village car park (NZ7634807636).
Leave the car park and turn right along the minor road that leaves Lealholm for Teesside and Whitby. There is an ancient paved trod in sections of the footpath that follows this road uphill. Where the road forks, continue along the moorland path due North.
At NZ7657808729, the footpath crosses an ancient trod. Just by the crossing point is a vertical stone with "JH 1869" carved on it.
Continue along the pathin a North Westerly direction until you meet the shooters' track at NZ7641209074. Continue on the shooters' track in a Westerly direction for a couple of miles, until you come to Danby Beacon at NZ7360709275.
From here, walk downhill along the minor road in a South Westerly direction, until you come to the footpath at NZ7248208632. Follow this footpath into Danby. (Warning, - the footpath signs are NOT present in parts, and you MUST use your map and compass).
Walk down to the Moors Centre at NZ7164508390.
From the Moors centre, take the minor road towards Lealholm. Follow the clearly marked Esk Valley Walk signs that direct you to a footpath about 1/4 mile along this road.
Continue along a farm track until you meet a minor road, and head in an Easterly direction along this road for a very short distance. Where the Esk Valley Walk sign points up another farm track at NZ7254108007 walk North until you meet the minor road.
Follow this minor road East for a couple of miles, until you come to the footpath (at NZ7610308757) that returns you to Lealholm.

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